John S. Stapleton and Jon L. Cochran co-authored five chapters in the new practice guides, Pennsylvania Civil Pre-Trial Practice and Pennsylvania Civil Trial Practice, published by LexisNexis and edited by the Honorable Daniel J. Anders and Bobby Ochoa, III. These guides provide in-depth practical guidance on Pennsylvania law and procedure with step-by-step guidance on effectively managing the trial process. In addition to providing explanations and practical examples of different subjects, these books also offer tips for mastering the complexities of Pennsylvania and federal court rules for new and established practitioners.

The chapters written by Stapleton and Cochran, “Discovery Generally,” “Written Discovery,” “Depositions,” “Discovery Motions and Orders,” and “Summary Judgment,” cover all aspects of discovery and summary judgment practice in Pennsylvania, from written discovery to depositions to motions.  Stapleton also served on the advisory board to both books.

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Pennsylvania Civil Pre-Trial Practice

Pennsylvania Civil Trial Practice