A divorce and an annulment are both ways to end a marriage. However, there are many differences as to whether you are eligible to seek an annulment or divorce and relief available as a result of such proceedings.

The below chart will help you know whether you can, and whether you should, seek either a divorce or an annulment.


There are also religious annulments which have no bearing on the legal status of a marriage. In order to be able to legally remarry, a party must have completed the divorce or annulment process with respect to their surviving spouse.  Most religious annulments are completed without a lawyer and the religious organization often provides religious counseling to the parties. The grounds for a religious annulment may be different from the grounds for a legal annulment.

It is important that you speak to an experienced family law attorney to understand whether proceeding with a divorce or an annulment petition is best for you under the particular circumstances of your case.