“Hangley Aronchick lawyers are ultimately trial lawyers . . . They’re thoughtful, compassionate. They’re there when you need them. They’re dedicated to the case. They are lawyers who are every day dedicated to excellence.” 

That is what the Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia’s legal newspaper, has to say about our sophisticated, nationally known litigation practice. Clients seek us out to handle bet-the-company trials and arbitrations, critically important appeals, delicate settlement negotiations, and all manner of novel and challenging litigation issues.

Meet Our Litigation Team

Our litigators have outstanding academic and professional backgrounds. Our ranks include high-ranking officers in the American College of Trial Lawyers and local and national bar associations, adjunct law professors, and former U.S. Supreme Court, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, and U.S. District Court clerks.


We are neither a plaintiffs’ nor a defendants’ firm. Our litigation clients include individuals, partnerships, governments, privately and publicly owned corporations, and nonprofits. We try cases in courts across the country. While our clients appreciate our practice of staffing our cases leanly, we can put together as large a team as is needed to meet the demands of a particular case.


Although our trial work sets us apart from other firms, we often advocate and negotiate behind the scenes to obtain a positive resolution before a suit is filed. We do not limit our advocacy to courts: We represent clients in arbitrations, mediations, administrative proceedings, and private investigatory and review proceedings. Many of our cases have been highly publicized, and our litigators are experienced in handling public attention and press inquiries.

Antitrust Litigation

Operating at the cutting edge of antitrust litigation

For more than two decades, the members of our Antitrust practice have represented individual clients in some of the biggest and most complex antitrust cases in the country. The practice regularly handles cutting edge issues at the intersection of the antitrust, intellectual property, and regulatory laws.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Navigating alternatives to traditional litigation

Our clients frequently attempt to avoid the cost, delay, and publicity of traditional courtroom litigation by seeking out alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration and mediation. We are skilled in all aspects of ADR, and have handled ADR proceedings before many tribunals. Many of our attorneys have themselves acted as neutral parties, serving as Judges Pro Tem, mediators, special masters, or arbitrators.

Appellate Litigation

Persuading appellate courts to overturn or uphold high-profile, high-stakes rulings

Clients seek us out to handle their most high-stakes appeals. We are frequently retained when cases are on appeal to seek relief from multimillion-dollar trial verdicts. We regularly navigate appeals involving highly complex substantive and procedural issues. On several occasions, we have persuaded higher appellate courts to reverse the decisions of intermediate appellate courts. We have also been called upon to take on cases at the trial level with the goal of taking important, unsettled legal questions to appellate courts.

Our appellate practice is broad and varied. We have handled, for example, appeals involving administrative law, antitrust law, appeals from administrative agency decisions, bankruptcy, business torts, civil rights, commercial law, constitutional law, environmental law, family law, insurance coverage and bad faith, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, personal injuries, and trusts and estates. Our appellate clients include governmental agencies, large corporations, and insurance companies, as well as individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.

Our work is grounded in our deep experience in the appellate process. Many of our attorneys clerked in appellate courts, including the Supreme Courts of the United States and Pennsylvania. Eight of our attorneys clerked for judges on the United States Courts of Appeals. We have briefed and argued appeals in state and federal courts all over the country.

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Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights Litigation

Handling workouts, reorganizations, asset sales, and receiverships

Our clients benefit from our ability to combine broad litigation experience with in-depth knowledge of creditor’s rights and bankruptcy law and procedure. Our bankruptcy and creditor’s rights lawyers are experienced in workouts and bankruptcy reorganizations, the acquisition or sale of financially troubled businesses and assets privately or through receiverships and bankruptcy proceedings, and bankruptcy litigation, including preferences and fraudulent transfers.

We have represented businesses and their creditors in a variety of industries, including health care, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, and agriculture. Our lawyers have regularly been engaged as lead bankruptcy counsel or special counsel or co-counsel to other law firms in bankruptcy matters. We are frequently retained by creditors, bankruptcy trustees, and committees to pursue complicated bankruptcy litigation for the benefit of the creditors of an estate. For example, we currently represent a national mortgage institution in a suit pending in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania involving the avoidance of thousands of mortgage payments made by a debtor involved in a Ponzi scheme on behalf of residential mortgagors who initially took out mortgages with our client.

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Commercial & Business Litigation

Resolving disputes between businesses and among business owners

We regularly handle disputes between businesses, as well as internal disputes involving the management and ownership of businesses. For example, we litigate claims flowing from mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, shareholder disputes, joint ventures, and other corporate activities. We assess and handle lawsuits involving such issues as contractual breach and interpretation; technology use, licensing, and sale; insurance coverage; trade secrets; and “raiding” of employees.

Environmental Litigation

Representing clients in government and private actions

Together with our Environmental Law attorneys, we defend clients against government enforcement actions such as civil penalty actions for unpermitted discharges and emissions or violations of other regulatory requirements; defend and prosecute Superfund and other environmental cost recovery claims; handle appeals from administrative agency actions; and litigate private contractual cases, insurance recovery claims, citizens’ suits, natural resource damages actions, toxic tort claims, and other environmental cases.

Estates Litigation

Challenging or defending wills and executors' actions

We have significant experience at the Orphans’ Court and appellate levels in litigating challenges to wills or to the actions of executors. For example, in an appeal on behalf of an executor to a large estate, we successfully argued to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that a lower court’s removal of previous executors was proper. In another matter, we successfully challenged the executrix of an estate on behalf of the decedent’s widow. On behalf of the executors of other estates, we have twice resisted discovery against our clients on the grounds that would-be challenges to wills or executors’ actions cannot proceed unless the challengers have a reasonable basis for their allegations.

Family Law Litigation

Serving clients in the most complex and sensitive of circumstances

While our renowned Family Law practitioners seek out collaborative solutions for their clients whenever possible, they also have a tremendous amount of experience litigating at the trial and appellate levels in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Governmental & Public Affairs Litigation

Advising public and government entities on high-profile litigation

Our litigators, several of whom are also members of our Education Law practice, are often called upon to render advice to public institutions and government entities and, when necessary, to represent them in high-profile litigation projects. We have represented various Departments of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in litigation relating to, among other things, electronic voting machines, school district receiverships, and challenges to legislation. We have also represented the City of Philadelphia in a number of matters, including, most recently, the defense of the city’s 2016 Sweetened Beverage Tax. On behalf of the Township of Lower Merion, PA, we recently defeated a challenge to a redevelopment plan; we also represent a school district in litigation involving charter schools and other issues.

Health Care Litigation

Guiding clients in the health care industry

We have represented insurers, hospitals, vendors, practice groups, and individuals regarding a wide variety of health care issues, including those relating to reimbursement and those flowing from sales and acquisitions of assets, vendor agreements, and employment decisions. We have represented managed care and health maintenance organizations in cases brought by health care providers alleging improper claims processing or payment procedures. We have also guided health care providers through the legal issues created by changes in the health care system, such as managed care and vertical and horizontal consolidation. Our litigators have also represented health care clients in parallel criminal and civil proceedings.

Insurance Litigation

Representing the world’s largest insurers in courts and ADR proceedings nationwide and abroad

Our dedicated team of Insurance Coverage litigators and counselors tries insurance coverage, reinsurance, and bad faith cases and handles appeals for the world’s largest insurers and specialty insurers in courts and ADR proceedings across the country and abroad. We have extensive start-to-finish experience in coverage and bad faith litigation, including the handling of post-trial motions and appeals, in some of the most difficult jurisdictions for insurers nationwide and in Bermuda, London, and the Cayman Islands.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Handling patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrets litigation

Technology clients, recognizing our skill in explaining highly technical issues to juries and judges, have retained us to act as lead trial counsel in patent cases. We have been called upon by major international corporations, local technology corporations, law firms, and small family-run businesses to obtain immediate protection from their competitors’ patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, as well as from misuse of their trade secrets. In our Antitrust practice, we often address complex issues of patent law in the course of our representation of retail pharmacy chains against prescription drug manufacturers.

Labor, Employment & ERISA Litigation

Advising on and litigating employee termination, competition, and ERISA issues

We regularly advise employers and management-level employees on employment termination issues, including prohibitions against competition, protection of confidential information and trade secrets, wrongful discharge, tenure rights, employment discrimination, and harassment. Our litigators represent parties in disputes involving covenants not to compete in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, seeking either to enforce or to prohibit enforcement of such covenants. We also have an active ERISA practice, in which we represent plaintiffs and
defendants in breach of fiduciary duty, prohibited transaction, ESOP, and other ERISA-related

Media Law & First Amendment, Defamation, & Privacy Litigation

Litigating defamation and reputational tort claims

We have represented a variety of clients in cases involving claims of defamation and other reputational torts. For example, we recently successfully represented a Philadelphia newspaper in a defamation lawsuit brought by a local union official. We also assist non-media entities facing First Amendment issues.

Real Estate Litigation

Untangling complex real estate questions

Working closely with our Real Estate and Bankruptcy departments, we have developed a strong practice in litigation involving real estate interests. We have a great deal of experience addressing questions relating to the valuation, taxation, use, leasing, zoning, and encumbrance of real estate, as well as specific performance of contracts, foreclosures, condemnation actions, defending against foreclosures, and deficiency judgment actions. We also regularly represent both landlords and tenants in litigation of commercial lease disputes. Several of our lawyers also handle complex local real estate tax litigation. In one of our cases, our clients successfully challenged school districts’ practice of selectively appealing the assessments of commercial property owners, in violation of the Uniformity Clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution; we handled their appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and obtained a favorable decision.

Representation of Professionals

Advocating on behalf of law firms, attorneys, and other professionals

We are well known for our skill in representing other lawyers and their law firms in litigation, and we have defended many of the Philadelphia region’s most prominent law firms in professional misconduct and malpractice actions. We also litigate malpractice claims involving other types of professionals, including accountants. In some cases, we represent the professionals accused of misconduct; in others, the plaintiffs.

We are frequently called upon to advise lawyers and organizations about their respective rights and responsibilities when a lawyer or other professional moves from one firm to another or starts her own firm. We routinely provide counseling as well as litigation expertise in disputes between and among existing, terminated, or departing members of law firms and other professional organizations.

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