We asked the attorneys and staff who founded Hangley Aronchick 25 years ago for their memories of those first days and years, and what they think of what our firm has become.


Bill Hangley: I have often thought to myself over the past 25 years how fortunate I am to have had the honor of working with people who are giants at what they do, both in terms of their towering intellect and their towering goodness. I am proud of the wonderful ethic we bring to the practice of law, and the kind of people we get – and manage to keep, who love the law and the excitement of being acolytes of the law.


Janet Walker: All of us who started here that first day shared so many dreams and had so much enthusiasm. Over 25 years, the one consistent thing is the people I work with – they have been awesome. I am so proud and so lucky.


Mark Aronchick: I am proud of the fact that in short order we made a major mark on the Philadelphia legal community; that our “brand” quickly stood for everything we wanted it to stand for; that we were attracting great people; and that we were setting the pace in our region – indeed, on occasion, national – for everything a great law firm should be.  On a personal level, I am particularly happy that we were able to take on and win so many causes that were and still are so important to the larger community.


Sharon Weiss: It was very exciting to be in on something at the starting point, navigating the new waters right alongside everyone else.  There was a real sense of camaraderie between those glass walls. Now, all these years later, I am still excited to go to work and proud of what we do.


Dan Segal: We wanted to try achieve our vision of a firm that would be uncompromising in its pursuit of professional excellence and at, at the same time, be an enjoyable place at which to work. We are all proud that it turned out to be precisely that.


Barbara Walley: I’m really honored to have worked with these attorneys. They’re hardworking,  they’re dedicated, and they love their clients. I’m just happy to be a member of the Hangley Aronchick family.


David Pudlin: I am proud that we have built a firm that is widely respected for the quality of the legal work it performs (for both fee paying clients and in major pro bono cases) and for the high ethical standards that it maintains, as well as for the leadership positions many of us have attained in professional and community organizations.  I also am proud that we have built a firm that has attracted so many high quality and nice people at both the professional and staff level, and have maintained a culture that results in our firm having a relatively low turnover rate.


Bonnie Burton: I remember feeling excited, and probably a little nervous too. It’s humbling to remember those hectic first days, and compare them to the amazing firm we’ve built over a quarter-century.


John Summers: When we started out 25 years ago, our goal was to provide excellent legal services to a wide range of clients, in a collegial environment that valued each colleague, coupled with a strong desire to be a part of legal change to improve our community. I am proud that we have accomplished those goals, and that we have built a strong foundation for the future.