Hangley Aronchick Corporate and Transactions shareholder Michele Sacks Fenkel advised Cot’n Wash, Inc., d/b/a Dropps, an eco-friendly direct-to-consumer household cleaning products company, in a $10 million investment from The Craftory, a London based global investment fund focused exclusively on partnering with consumer goods brands. The Craftory’s investment will support Dropps’ eco-responsible mission of disrupting the home laundry and dishwashing household cleaning categories.

Dropps provides consumer cleaning solutions that are effective and better for people and the planet by costing less, and eliminating single-use plastic, harmful chemicals and animal testing, all while offering the convenience of at-home delivery. The first company to introduce a single-dose laundry pod in 2005, Dropps became exclusively direct-to-consumer by offering cost-saving subscription plans shipped via sustainable packaging; eliminating third-party retailers from its distribution chain.

With the investment, Dropps plans to continue to grow at an organic pace by broadening their product offering, expanding market reach and building an infrastructure that allows for it to offer the most sustainable lifestyle products to consumers and industries.

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