Hangley Aronchick is happy to announce that two of our Family Law attorneys have been voted into leadership positions within the Family Law Section of the PA Bar Association. Helen Casale has assumed the role of Chair-Elect and Jerry Shoemaker has assumed the role of Treasurer. Each will serve in their position for one year.

Helen Casale concentrates her practice on all aspects of family law and is also known as an expert in issues that same sex couples face including legal dissolution of civil unions, second parent adoption, custody, and support issues.

Jerry Shoemaker concentrates his practice in domestic relations issues including equitable distribution, alimony, custody, and complex support matters. He has also handled a variety of issues arising out of same-sex relationships.

The Section on Family Law focuses on the development and practical working of the law relating to marriage, divorce, support, custody, property and economic matters, and domestic relations generally, as well as the law relating to adoption and to juvenile dependency.