Tell us about an interesting case you’ve worked on at Hangley Aronchick.

Bonnie Hoffman and I represented a student-athlete who was appealing the loss of his eligibility to compete following a positive drug-test result for a banned performance-enhancing substance.  We successfully argued to the NCAA appeal committee that our client ingested the substance unknowingly: his roommate (who was not an athlete) was taking the substance and, unbeknownst to our client, had used a glass in the room that had appeared clean and that our client had then used to take cough medicine.  To prevail, we put together a compelling package of testimony by the client, his roommate, and his doctors and coaches, as well as a statement by a leading drug-testing expert who opined that residue of the banned substance could have remained on the glass (even though it appeared dry and clean) in an amount sufficient to result in the positive drug test.  The NCAA granted the appeal in full, completely reinstating our client’s eligibility to compete and, perhaps even more importantly, clearing his name.

Have you ever worked on a case that changed your perspective in some way?

Jason Levine and I represented a client pro bono in a civil rights lawsuit who had been sentenced to life in prison.  Our client turned out to be among the best clients I’ve ever had – well-organized, intelligent (notwithstanding his lack of formal education), and extremely appreciative of our efforts.  By the end of discovery, virtually everything he had told us and alleged in his initial complaint had been corroborated by documents or other witnesses.  And regardless of his criminal record, he was endowed by our Constitution with rights that, Jason and I became convinced, had been violated by people on whom our client was, as a prisoner, completely dependent.  It was very satisfying to vindicate his rights and achieve a favorable settlement of his claims.

What’s your favorite way to spend time outside of the office?

Playing with and watching my one-year-old daughter explore the world; kayaking; hiking through forests; and reading works of intellectual history.

What’s your favorite lunch spot?

It’s a three-way tie among Dizengoff, Buena Onda, and Vetri Pizza.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Taking a trip to Patagonia.