Justice For A Mother of US Soldiers

Hangley Aronchick, led by Bonnie Hoffman, obtained Cancellation of Removal from a United States Immigration Court on behalf of a pro bono client. Our client entered the United States illegally in 1981. Nearly three decades later she was detained by immigration authorities and put into deportation proceedings. At the time, two of her three sons (all of whom are U.S. citizens) were serving in the United States Army—one was in Afghanistan and the other was about to leave for a second tour in Iraq. Had our client been deported, her 16-year-old son would have faced the possibility of remaining in the United States without a parent. Prevailing in a challenge to a deportation proceeding was highly unlikely given increasingly rigid legal standards. Nevertheless, Bonnie, with the help of a testifying expert, successfully convinced the court that the client deserved a rarely granted Cancellation of Removal. This means that instead of being deported, our client was able to remain in the U.S.A. and become a lawful permanent resident.